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Cool Whatsapp status:A cool status for those person who has his unique personality and someone who comfortable with himself and follow his own trend.

Attitude Whatsapp Status:attitude is nothing but thought,this thought may be positive or negative,good or bad it depend on person and characteristics of an individual.

Whatsapp Status Love:Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world its not define in single word.so share your love status with whom you love most.
Motivation Whatsapp Status: it’s a measure of success that how many times we bounce back form failure and every person need motivation to grow in life.

New Whatsapp Status

  • Beautiful things start happening when you realize that only your dreams own you
  • Someone some ware is thinking about you at this movement
  • Real panic is when you try to soft slap you sibling.
  • Problem with this generation is that they don’t have time for anything deep.
  • Most beautiful feeling is when you hold the wrinkled old hands of your parents
  • The best part of youth is spent on running
  • “It’s too long. I can’t read it.”
  • Dont marry a man who is just man enough to pay the bills
  • Generation deserves the love of memes and jokes, not the love of classic novels.
  • Stop worrying about what others are doing.
  • He just want a relationship status and a body to fuck.
  • She is this elegant, calm, and sweet little bundle of joy.
  • Some songs stay in your play list but they are always skipped
  • Can you expect such people to know, feel, and keep the deep emotion of love
  • Real friend never shows that they care
  • Don’t worry. I won’t tell a thing to your would be life partner.
  • You arent deep enough in heart to love.
  • Do you have any idea what you have done to me
  • She becomes this wild, carefree, and don’t you mess with me monster.
  • I will use those dirty secrets to blackmail you into buying me food
  • She is crazy. She is everything and much more. She is magic.
  • There is no competition, when your dreams are too big.
  • Fake friends always show that they care
  • Freienship isnt in words,friendship is in hearts.
  • I dint kow ,but maybe,i will.whome i kidding.i will i definitely will.
  • Give your daughter enough love at home.
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Best Whatsapp Status

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  • Some things just don’t work, no matter how hard you try
  • Smile just doesn’t last, all you can do is cry
  • It’s best to let go, and accept the things as they are.
  • The best feeling in the world is to feel a stranger in a new town, every day.
  • Just path my bag and run away somewhere far and remote.
  •  I am tired of living the same routine life, same soulless people, and same struggle to breathe in peace.
  • Till the time you keep asking why it happened, what was my fault, and why all the lies, you can’t move on.
  • Moving on begins when you no more care about the reasons, best
  • Don’t need to think before speaking,
  • Talk as if you are talking to the mirror
  • Say things you have been hiding all day,
  •  People are precious, very special. Keep them.
  • Stop giving too much of yourself to people.
  • People will always ruin your beauty.
  • I want some time, that’s all you need to know
  • No issues no fight with you, I am just feeling low
  • A call from an unknown number makes the heart beat faster in hope and fear.
  • let’s just sit talking, all through the night
  • Too many things in my heart, which I could not say
  •  I am too tired in my soul, of the games people play
  • just look at me smiling, as the wind combs our hair
  •  let trust make my eyes say, which my lips can’t dare
  • We smile real we laugh hard, we watch the sunrise let there be a night of truth.
  • He was everything that I never wanted in a guy.
  • I fell in love with all his imperfections.
  • Give me space for some time, and I will be back
  • There is a puzzle in my head, that I need to crack
  • I want to breathe in peace, tired of feeling numb
  •  Please wait for me, with a real smile I will come
  •  I just want a break, no questions asked.
  •  Life is about meeting new people, walking alien roads, and eating exotic food.
  •  learn to live in the moment, let’s not think too far
  • life happens in the moments, and we plan our whole life
  • No matter how good people are, time is a bloody knife

WhatsApp Status Attitude

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  • Just because I am always smiling and laughing, people think that I have got no feelings.
  • what I do for them, and what they do to me in return.
  • I am not just laughs, my soul is too deep just talk to me real
  • Nothing breaks your heart  more then a number in contact list
  • Real smartphone is which  can read my chat.
  • I am blocking this piece of shit
  • He was super happy that she finally accepted his friend request.
  • He liked all her 234 pics
  • I  feel little embarrassed in crowd
  • I don’t even share it with them, because there is nothing to share
  • After getting no reply of his “hi”, he opened the messenger to send her a “?”
  • And he is still wondering why she blocked him.
  • It’s not physical tiredness.
  • Why should I suffer  for their sin?-question
  • Let me put it out in naked honesty.
  • I want our graves to be next to each other.
  • I get tired of people, emotions, and internal fights.
  • You have a brain, yes. But you don’t have the heart.
  • Don’t lie to make me feel good
  • It’s my soul which is tired.   
  • It’s going to be hard for you to stick with me.
  • I don’t open up to people soon.
  • I have done nothing wrong
  • It’s my heart that screams in ache.
  • I keep my secrets close and my scars hidden.
  • I am blunt to the fault.
  • I have a thing for walking away from drama and lies.
  • I don’t mind losing people over self-respect.
  • I am allergic to fake people and false promises.
  • But, if somehow you still hang on to me, then I am going to be your best thing ever.
  • We suck at expressing emotions even with the girl we love
  • I dare you to not delete the comments-attitude
  • Everyone hates you here, such a lame lost.
  • It’s not about expensive things. It’s still about the things that make us happy.
  • There is nothing like better half. You are both the halves.
  • Don’t give anyone so much control over you.
  • Only you own yourself, now, in relationship, and even after marriage.
  • This whole circus of lovers acting as conjoined twins is what makes love suffocating and self consuming.
  • Real love makes you feel complete in yourself. Real love makes you feel free.
  • now it doesn’t feel the same and if you look at what we had, it’s such a shame
  • I mean, what the hell? If I deserve better, and I still want you How can girls be so dumb, bro?
  • A good person should, in fact must, slap you twice for your every slap.

Cool WhatsApp Status

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  • Trust me karma exists.god is watching all this.
  • Let me call your friend you will fell much better
  • lets meet anything any place
  • I know I look pathetic with a bald head.
  • Taking the cap off his newly shaved head
  • the mirror reflected tears of love
  • I need break and soal relfill
  • why are you still alive my friend
  • don’t show me your shit face in 2018l
  • Beauty  comes in all shapes  and  size
  • Call everyone and let’s play in the rain.
  • Now: It’s raining outside. There will be too much traffic. Let’s cancel the plan.
  • Rain is still the same. We have changed. We have grown up, sadly.
  • A much needed lazy saturday after he madness of whole weak
  • It’s just a lame battle of cheap show off now.
  • I want is one true soul
  • My smile spreads a lie
  • Some bonds just need an excuse.
  • I don’t want rest. I want peace.
  • Nothing much has changed in last year as such.
  • My tears run dry you hear me laughing
  • when in real I cry you just hear words
  • I know I am breathing, but I feet too dead
  • Reading our old chats again and again smiling like a idiot
  • I have felt so happy reading anyting in my chat box.
  • The equation is as such that it has to go deeper.
  • The bond is special. Either they are too close or there is nothing.
  • I live my silence, in people
  • I sit alone it comes back in the night,
  • dark that in day is gone
  • I would again like to be born as me,
  • i just felt like talking
  • He is still a bad choice, but he is my choice now.
  • Thank you for being in my life.
  • yes too deep too sad, you will laugh off my pain
  • let me stay dry untouched, you go enjoy your rain
  • There are just too many things that I wish we had done together while growing up.
  • He finds me beautiful,not my shape
  • Bro, you broke my heart.
  • Okay, now don’t cry. I will call her.
  • i just tried that bunny filter
  • OMG ,it looks so cute
  • why i have become unloveable
  • i can bear you smiling without me
  • let our soal stay one
  • lets meet anything any place

Love Status for WhatsApp

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  • I can’t say this enough… You really are my first, last and only choice baby! I love u!
  • I’m glad I met you babe all the crap I went through before led me to you i love you so much
  • You’re it, you’re my endless everything. You always were, you are, and you always will be…
  • I caught feelings for you,you dnt have to feel the same i know but ,cant help telling you,that … I love you
  • No one I would rather have, no one better, no one sexier, no one could make me feel the way you do.
  • I want you and will always want you I love you! I have never met someone I get so along with so well! I’m so happy I have you in my life!
  • Love is a continual belief in the variable choice as Hope for Happiness.
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love and how much you care about them,
  • I would stop hurting myself in love.
  • I am going to be tough to love.-love
  •  I will fight with you for silly reasons.
  • I want someone who will have all the excuses, but all the excuses to be with me, not away.
  • I will stop talking to you like a kid.
  • I will expect you to then make efforts to win me back.
  • someone who would call me five minutes after a big fight, because no fight, no ego, is bigger than us.
  •  I want someone who talks about me to others as if I am the best thing that could have happened.
  • I want a love I can live in my veins.
  • I know it sounds irritating. But then, I will also love you like no one can.
  • I will give every inch of my soul to you.
  •  I will make you the luckiest lover alive.
  • I want someone who is scared to lose me
  •  I know it’s dangerous to love me.
  •  If you hang on, it would be the most beautiful walk on the fire, ever.
  • Because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore.

Sad Status For Whatsapp

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  • I know I shouldn’t say this, but I have always done stupid things when it comes to you.
  • I know you don’t love me. And I know you don’t care  enough to make me understand why. But I love you so much
  • I will  always love you, from far, and with my stupid little heart
  • God bless you. You will always be in my prayers.
  • Let it tear up your heart, while breathing.
  • No they don’t care, they just enjoy your pain
  • Don’t tell them your story, just find a closure inside smile
  • You have changed my dear, you have hurt me a lot once I was your whole sky, now I am not even a dot
  • I notice everything, my ignored message that you missed by “mistake” and my unanswered call as you were “busy”.
  • I feel every bit of your coldness in my bone, every single time.
  • You don’t care because you know I love you too much.
  • you think you can break my heart, and just walk away smiling
  •  if there is no karma, and one day you too won’t cry my darling
  • Hey let me tell you that god is there, and he saw what you did
  •  He knows my pain and tears, and he knows what you lied
  • one day you will look back, and there will be tears in your eyes
  • You know that I will be back to you, always, like before.
  •  But one day, I won’t care too.
  • One day, you will realize what you lost.
  • I don’t wish to fight, but I wish you knew my pain I wish you knew my tears
  • When at the end, she says: you deserve better.
  • I know you don’t remember, what we had what we were so many nights of talking,
  • yes now you don’t even care, where am I and what I feel but once even my every small thing,
  •  I still hope that you smile, when you hear my name I wish when you look back at us, you feel no shame

Motivational WhatsApp Status

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  • You are good enough even when they find someone better.
  • Talent, passion, and hard work will win.
  • You are good enough when they find just flaws in you.
  • I know you are hurt, and your eyes have all the rain but trust me oh my dear friend, you will success in life
  • You are good enough when the mirror tells you otherwise.
  • You are good enough when you fail an exam.
  • Don’t feel bad about being born in a poorer house.
  • You are good enough when life hits you to the ground.
  • You are always good enough, my friend, until you believe in yourself and don’t give up.
  • so till then just live the life, don’t give up on the hope you are not a sad story baby, you are a soul too dope
  • The world is yours to rule.

Short Status for Whatsapp

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  •  I am open to discussion
  •  Be soft spoken for the world.
  • I am Wild, chatter-box, rude, and super crazy
  • Don’t tell me how to live
  • I  am super crazy for my world, my friends.
  • What you did, hurts me again
  • I am living a double role in the movie of my life.
  •  I wish, that I forgive you
  •  One more chance, I want to give you
  • It wipes off my smile,
  • You are still there, somewhere in my eye
  • Few songs playing on loop
  •  Use the Google map to find the place, she suggested.
  •  Don’t worry, sweetheart. My brain is Google map.
  •  He proclaimed with a swag laden smile.
  •  Gave him looks of a psycho killer,
  • Chewing off burger at McDonald’s.
  •  How far can you go in Love?
  • Marry me, right now.
  • I am just too shy about it.
  • I will call them at odd hours.
  • keep talking nonsense,
  • Asked her permission to post their pic,
  •  You wanna get me killed?”
  • How to operate coffee machine
  •  Post their pic with the caption:
  • do you know how to cook?
  • “I hope they won’t kill you now”
  • How to put maggi in boiled water?
  • “I am safe, but I will kill you soon,
  • what a gorgeous looking bride
  •  Won’t just put the phone down.
  • I will tag them in each meme.
  •  I will send them all the jokes I get.
  •  I will not say a simple:
  • “I miss you”. Yes, I am stupid.

Best Friend Status for WhatsApp

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  • Its pure heaven when you have friends who are lazy as you are
  • Friendship is when you intentionally try to finish your meal a little late so that your friend, who is done eating, will pay the bill.
  • Thanks for every stupid thing that we have done together.
  • There is no regret bigger than a regret of Leaving your friends .
  • Thanks for giving me a heart-attack every week.
  • You have ruined my life, for sure, but if I could relive this life, then I would choose to once again ruin it with you.
  • You are family, not in blood, but in the soul.
  • “No Rules” “No Shame” “No Respect” “No limits” in friendship
  • Tell our friend, our brother, “I love you, bro”, especially when we are not even drunk.
  • best friends are who say: “Well played.
  • Take your time. But even if you take ten hours more, you will pay the bill”.
  • Why don’t you two just finally break up for real and let your best friends live in peace?
  • Hello , i am coming ,be ready in 5 min
  • When a guy calls you “bro”, it’s special.
  • But when a guy calls you “bro”, and you are a girl, it’s very very special.
  • We are best friends. We are allowed everything. It’s written in “Best Friend’s Rulebook”
  • Thanks for teaching me that love lies in abuses.
  • Thanks for listening to all my problems and providing worst suggestions.
  • Maybe we should be best friends from our 1st bday in next life
  • Thanks for making me fat by ordering more and more food.
  • Thanks for making me study everything in 2 hours after 10 hours of gossip.
  • If i fail ,and you pass ,then the friendship is dead.
  • Thanks for chasing away all my crushes.
  • But when Facebook shows that you are celebrating another year of friendship with this or that, that friendship has changed a lot
  • Thanks for all the lies that you have told my parents to save me.

Inspirational WhatsApp Status

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  • Life is about right now in this exact instant. Not tomorrow, not yesterday but rather NOW. Live it!
  • Growing up is when you learn to smile everytime someone breaks your trust and delete them from your life
  • It’s just when you have the bravery to venture off the edge that you’ll understand you’ve had wings from the start.
  • The fights, the arguments, the clarifications, and the drama are what you need to grow out of.
  • Trust is realizing that we’re precisely where we should be throughout everyday life, particularly when it doesn’t feel like it.
  • No matter how heart wrenching your sad story is, the people only care and talk about success stories.
  • Make a plan. It’s not too late.
  • In each minute, you are the special case who gets the opportunity to pick your state of mind. Pick admirably.
  • It’s never too late. Start, now.
  • The best individual satisfaction comes when we add to enhancing the welfare of others.
  • One life, my friend, just one bloody life.
  • Follow your energy. Tune in to your heart. Put stock simultaneously. Be thankful. Life is enchantment and your fantasies matter.
  • The choice is yours. Either stay in your sad pool of misery or get out there and fight.
  • Having an awesome dream and confidence in yourself is extraordinary, however nothing occurs until the point that you make a move.
  • Nobody cares about your tears. Wipe them off, put on a smile, and fight.
  • Your words are basically the musings of yours that will progress toward becoming things the soonest.
  • Never feel inferior because of less money
  • Refuse to be characterized by another person’s vision of what’s conceivable.

Beautiful Whatsapp Status

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  • The beauty of this pure bond of love is that you feel, suffer, live, and cry in other’s pain.
  • You know something sacred, something beautiful, something pure, and something just so natural
  • He is breathing, but he lives as dead with a big smile on, he is feeling sad
  • People don’t ash, and he doesn’t tell but in his dark head, there is one hell
  • No cuts on the wrist, but his soul has scars all he sees is the dark sky, he sees no stars
  • All he has is depression, but we call him freak we can save his life, all we need to do is speak
  • That time of the year when the best plan is to stay wrapped in a warm blanket like a lazy panda and eat everything on the soft bed,
  •  Sipping the hot sips of heaven from a mug, and watching your favorite movies and TV shows the whole day.
  • You aren’t best friends if you haven’t cried together over a thing which was affecting just one person,
  • She opened her eyes after ten seconds, as he did nothing.

Breakup WhatsApp Status

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  • Breakup hurts, yes, a hell lot.
  • Relationships are complex, so it’s still expected, the breakups
  • And you thought you could own me with your lovely lies.
  • You thought I will push away my people to come close to you.
  • It still breaks my heart, to be honest.
  • You thought I will become so weak that I would keep getting hurt, but won’t leave you.
  • You kids are just too selfish.
  • You thought I will tell no one that you have destroyed me.
  • It’s dead, the past, the people, and the dreams.
  • You kids don’t have the heart left to live for others
  • You thought I will live in the false hope that one day you will change.
  • Just dump them in the past garbage to make your present clutter free for a peaceful future.
  • Like a wind out of nowhere, it still hits me.
  • But I have accepted it. I have made peace with my destiny.
  • I no more expect it to be back.
  • You thought I would scream and cry, but I won’t accept that you are bad for me.
  • I don’t plan things anymore. I just live.
  • You thought I will give so much of me into us that there will be no me left in me.
  • she blocked me from everywhere. I think it’s over now.
  • Yes, it’s over for the 149th time in this year alone.
  • Why should we suffer in your daily love-breakup-love drama?
  • Go and block me from everywhere too,
  • You kids just have a breakup and think you have no life left.
  • life is pretty short, and this world is too small I hope someday you message, or maybe I call

Status for Boys

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  • We are just too awesome together. We are soul twins.
  • We are just two crazy heads.
  • We have never had a conversation with pauses or hmmm.
  • I mean, we always end up feeling “I wish we had more time to talk”.
  • Bro, after the dinner date, she insisted that she will drive my car.
  • We can talk about the funniest and most emotional thing in one call.
  • stupid girl, she thought you will let her drive your car,
  • when you didn’t let even me drive it for a month. So, didn’t she feel bad?
  • Leave it bro. It’s been long since I gave you treat. Let’s go for lunch today, my party.
  • Bro, I got carried away in the moment. But I love you. I love you, more.
  • She changed her dp for the 34th time that day.

Cute Love Status for Girlfriend

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  • I had proposed to her 100 times before she said yes in her teens.
  • she wants a million proposal. She is one old greedy drama queen.”
  • She doesn’t care about looking beautiful.
  • Her clothes, her hairstyle, her accessories, her walk, her everything is just so messy.
  • It’s almost like she doesn’t want to look beautiful, but that’s exactly why she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.
  • She is my poetry in motion, with lots of oops.
  • He didn’t ask her any questions. He didn’t ask her why, when, or where.
  • she is simle,That’s exactly the most special part about her.
  • He just wanted to be with her, talk to her, and know her, not her story.
  • He wanted to be her story, a happy love story.
  • She is this most beautiful elegant poetry in motion.
  • She is crazy, but she is adorable too.
  • I like my woman wild.
  • I want her to correct me, with reasons and screams.
  •  I don’t wish for a sweet little princess.
  •  I pray for an untamed tigress. 
  • she tells me not to talk with other girl
  • The smile, the look, the feels, of the feels, and the soul in love are all different.
  • He is not perfect. God, I know how much I hate him for so many things.
  • He is my perfect. I don’t want him any better. I just want him, in every life.
  • he didn’t text her to compliment even once.
  • I want her to fight me with words and fists.
  • Come here, I want to hug you right now
  • she start crying and dosent talk to me for whole day

Smile WhatsApp Status

  • You’ll start to see a big difference in your life. when you smile in the mirror every morning.
  • Smile is the beginning of love, thatswhy  always meet each other with smile face.
  • Smile is the symbol of friendship and peace, please share your smile with the world
  • You’ll start to see a big difference in your life. when you smile in the mirror every morning.
  • Smile is the beginning of love, that’s why  always meet each other with smile face.
  • Smile is the symbol of friendship and peace, please share your smile with the world
  • Who smiles in trouble , reflection,gathers strength from distress,That is real man.
  • Definitely  you make life more beautiful because of your cute smile.
  • who smiles in trouble , reflection,gathers strength from distress,That is real man.
  • Definitely  you make life more beautiful because of your cute smile.

Life Status

  • I want to sleep in open, my bed under the stars I am sick of the city life
  • The sweetest tragedy of life is that while you don’t take a single tantrum from any damn person on earth, -life
  • if it make you sad daily then walk away to peace of life
  • Life is about traveling
  • There is that one person who can maize you go mad with all the tantrums and silly demands, but you never leave that person
  • Take me oh dear wind, to a place too far where they use no phones, no bikes no car

Friends Forever Status

  • One best friend is enough for a lifetime
  • New friends were made. New memories were posted in stories
  • The one who holds you by your hand is your friend.
  • The school friends are still missed
  • But losing a best friend is the closest you will ever get to losing your soul.
  • Some friendships, just never change
  • The farewell pic of school still beats inside.
  • But best friends are simple. It’s just pure love.
  • Never, and I repeat never, let your best friend go.
  • Come alone and make a rainbow of all your scars and fears

Depressed WhatsApp Status

  • Even if you’re in a room full of a million people but big part of depression is feeling really lonely.
  • When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to depression.
  • Because of depression we are inable to construct our future
  • Its a part of human being that is depression and anger.
  • I will bare my heart, I will pour out my soul day cuts me in pieces
  • I am just too scared I have lost too many people
  • You have hurt me beyond hurt

Heartbreak WhatsApp Status

  • Today your heartbroken, but tomorrow You’ll be love again yourself.
  • I know my heartbroken That’s part of life, butyou can find the right partner.belive yourself 
  • When your heartbroken you have to think somethink else for yourself
  • You’re at your most creative state when you’re heartbroken.
  • It tears my soul apart that what I think of  them
  • You are the bad one. You should cry
  • I was so good to them. It hurts so much
  • It hurts so bloody bad in the bones
  • It hurts to be me, when only I know my heart
  • I know that it’s too soon, and they say love takes time
  • Something beautiful will come out of the ashes of your heartbreak.
  • I can’t live without him. I want to end my life.

Promise Whatsapp Status

  • I promise you everything. No one will ever take your place, I don’t need anyone else. Together forever
  • I promise you that I won’t let you go anywhere else apart with me
  • I promise to always be yours! Even on our worst days I will shut up and love you! No returns and no exchanges. I love you
  • I promise to be by your side through the good and the bad times.
  • You’re my best friend. My morning coffee. My moon and stars. My summer night. You’re my everything baby ,I promise you I will never leave you
  • I promise you that I won’t let you go anywhere else apart with me
  • I love my man so much…never felt love this way…I pray we will always stay together
  • I promise that ill always be yours for better or worse.. Ill always be there

Lonely WhatsApp Status

  • I will bare my heart, I will pour out my soul day cuts me in pieces-depressed
  • I am just too scared I have lost too many people-depressed
  • you have hurt me beyond hurt-depressed

Feeling Whatsapp Status

  • We have something that connects us and that makes us a beautiful part of each other
  • I know that it might sound too filmy or  fake, but we have something that connects us and that makes us a beautiful part of each other..
  • I am here now, and I am not leaving till you are fine
  • You make me smile, you know, and I swear to god that I haven’t smiled like that before.

Emotional WhatsApp Status

  • You feel like my home, like my long Lost soul pair
  • You are rich, if you have earned just one person,
  • who would drop off everything to just be with you in your hour of need.
  • When I say I am a good person, it doesn’t mean that you can walk over me with your hatred and judgments.
  • It just means that I will be good to you, if and only if, you are good to me.
  • Your definition of good person is either a weak poor soul or a monk in the state of nirvana.
  • I am just human, good human.

Romantic WhatsApp Status

  • Is there anything more romantic then “i Love you”
  • just close your eyes, trust me-romantic
  • I just wanted you to see how beautiful it would be to open your eyes and see me
  • its been long since we walk from moon light to sunset

True Love Whatspp Status

  • I Understand’,i trust you…so much
  • I want a love that I can feel in my bones, in my veins, and in my heart.
  • All you need is just two bodies in need, not two souls burning in one pure flame of love.

Family WhatsApp Status

  • Just look around, be grateful, and live for people who love you.
  • I want our kids to grow up together,like family
  • I feel a little lost here, I feel a little sad I miss shouting “maa”, at home like mad
  • new city new room, everything feels strange but my friends still call me, they wont change
  • I am home-sick yes, and I miss my people like hell but soon I will be back to you,
  • You are already blessed with too much love to beg someone for more.

Dream WhatsApp Status

  • You need to cry in your heart for your  dreams in long sleepless nights.
  • Dreams don’t come true by praying or miracle.
  • Let it rinse your eyes off the dreams
  • The dreams, the real ones, get lost in the daily madness.
  • Reclaim your dreams.
  • Dreams come true when your soul sweats some blood
  • You won’t believe what I saw in my dream last night. I was dancing like a possessed soul, lying on the floor, screaming, and making funny faces.
  • You just saw a dream. But, I know it will happen for sure. You won’t let me even die in peace, forget about marriage.

Marriage WhatsApp Status

  • I don’t want to marry. But just to enter the marriage hall in a red lehnga
  •        In my marriage i want to walk in with a little grace and more swag, as they play my favorite track in the background.
  • I like my best friend is waiting in my car outside her marriage venue
  • I don’t want a normal wedding. There should be some drama, some fighting, some tears, some threats from her dad, and some feeling of almost  losing her
  • Wife is another level of love
  • Most love marriage after wedding

Painful WhatsApp Status

  • I didn’t have a clue whom to cry for more, my husband or my dead child.
  • You  have no idea what pain is.

Women WhatsAap Status

  • Just remember that your mom is praying for you in the next room.
  • Mom i am fine hear dont worry.

Brother WhatsApp Status

  • The one who holds you by your hair is your brother.
  • Bro, what hurts more than a no?
  • A  brother love cant be measured by money
  • How can girls be so dumb, bro?

Memories Status for WhatsApp

  • Why do you always keep taking our selfies?
  • Because when we get old, I want us to sit together and see all these pics, remembering
  • what time and what fun we had when we were together.
  • Each sweet, weird, wasted, embarrassed, fun, and happy selfie will make us smile in our souls

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