Good Status for Whatsapp

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Good Status For Whatsapp You Ever Seen Eyes words promises, everything everyone lied Allow me to celebrate your each bday, every year. Is life just about muscles, and a flat tummy to show I think i am a whatsapp status influencer I wanted to marry this crazy, pure, and simple soul. We have different shades of dull and dark No matter how bitterly we fight on the field. I no longer fear letting people check my whatsapp knowing i’ve muted their status. I don’t do small talks, I will be…

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New Whatsapp Status 2019

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Best New Whatsapp Status 2019 I still have the soul to trust people. I know my self ,i know how to love The most important choice that you will ever make in life is choosing your best friend. Some people whatsapp status is look like “——————-” running right out The only thing I regret is ignoring the people who loved me unconditionally every relation to me now, sounds like a deal Real peace is when you forgive yourself I just dnt get it people on whatsapp write a status “lost…

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