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All New Best Whatsapp States Ever

Today we share a collection of best whatsapp status ever .In our site you can get best status messages for daily updation.You can get all latest and new whatsapp status.we work hard for you to prove all unique status.
  • Why you should change yourself rather than changing others
  • You might leave school but your school never leaves you
  • I love those people while talking to whome
  • I have that constant smile on my face even when i am just on the call
  • I think more than girl the child or tigers, we need to save our good men.
  • Men species is going extinct like nuts.
  • They both looked at each other like two hungry animals
  • I was too nervous back their to eat anything
  • Good men will see no point in being their classy old gentleman self.
  • We must not forget that we need to respect men too.
  • There is so much inside me, but my lips just smile
  • Respect people, all good people, men and women.
  • People don’t realize how special every simple thing and gesture are

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Best Whatsapp Status Ever in English

  • My soul talking to another soul, it’s been a while
  • I want our trembling palms feeling the vibration of our inner mute screams.
  • After a long time tonight, I feel all alone
  • Simply say: “you look nice”, and that will be enough for the other person to spend the whole day in front of the mirror
  • Crushes are the sweetest poison, ever.
  • No baby/baba/bae, no blank dp after fight,
  • No calls/messages every hour,
  • No compromise on food and sleep.
  • I want a conversation without words.
  • I want deep eye contact.
  • I want us breathing in symphony.
  • Where are those close people, who told me they care
  • You are a part of my soul that I will always need.

Latest and Best Whatsapp Status Ever 

  • I want the air around us fitted with our lonely unspoken words.
  • My eyes finally rest in calmness when they meet yours.
  • Stay that stupid keep fuking up
  • I crave that conversation.
  • Why can’t you two understand? You guys are not kids anymore.
  • We are sick of neighbors complaining about you daily.
  • I understand that you guys have always done your best friend crazy shit together.
  • But please stop it now. Grow up.
  • What grow up? We are already 70. And shut up.
  • We both are leaving for Goa tonight.
  • Keep wining, you old losers.
  • I want that one long warm hug to kill all my pain.
  • You are not just a person whom I love.


Short and Best Whatsapp Status Ever

  • There is no one to talk to, when I hold my phone
  • It’s almost funny, how all of a sudden no one is there
  • The bitter truth is this, that I have just too much heart
  • It was just their life, of which I thought I was a part
  • Your are my home, when I feel lost all day.
  • I hide in you, when monsters in my head scare me.
  • Your hug hugs all my broken pieces into one.
  • Just put this whole bad phase in a box and throw it in the river of past.
  • You being sad and aloof hasn’t changed the situation,
  • promise yourself that you will live in present, for your future.
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • He always had just too many things to tell him.
  • He always had all the time in the world.
  • She never gave their relationship a name.
  • He always knew that she would fall in love.
  • She finally went blank on a call,
  • one night, uttering just I ummm, you know,


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