Best Whatsapp Status in English

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  • We are losing deepness in people.
  • Act like a lover, not like an owner.
  • Please respect my privacy and right to stay silent and alone.
  • Stay healthy, but don’t fit into their shape.
  • Be a good person, but don’t wait for
  • The young people, can change generation.
  • Life made you strong.
  • I wish that you could read my thoughts.
  • I lie because, with too much honesty, you lose people.
  • Life is all about having just a few people who would do anything for you
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Latest and Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • Conversations are now just about sharing picture stories.
  • A relationship is not a 24 hours slavery contract.
  • life can’t be a mission to impress you, daily.
  • Don’t die single. Die in a relationship first
  • I am afraid that one day things will change
  • I told myself that I love this girl.
  • Work out on your body, but don’t hate your curves.
  • Time made you strong.
  • I just feel helpless with words.
  • people move you to tears not just in your eyes, but also in your heart

All New and Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • Do everything , no matter right or wrong.
  • I am rude go and cry to bed.
  • We are two different people with two different lives.
  • You might be the best thing walking on the planet earth
  • I want someone to come and just rescue me from this mess.
  • I lie because I can’t explain myself to people
  • My pissed-off-meter is pretty sensitive to bullshit.
  • I am done being strong.
  • I am in no mood to talk to anyone at that point in time.
  • We are not living the same joint life.

Best Whatsapp Status in English One Line

  • Let’s take a stand for our love
  • No painkillers will work
  • Tears are most beautiful when they flow out of care, love, and gratitude.
  • You are rich, if you have earned just one person,
  • We can’t even marry the love of our life without matching the religion
  • I do get weak, ok.
  • I just want to be left alone for no reason.
  • Problem is that very few of them are left.
  • The ghost of past will haunt you
  • I know you have no guts to admit


Cool and Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • I am scared that one day you will stop making me feel so important
  • I am here now, and I am not leaving till you are fine.
  • Strong people cried hopeless.
  • I will sit with you my friend, and share all your pain
  • Why I am burning my bloody joy, in your “I am like this” flame
  • The warmth of words has given way to emojis.
  • You did not need to be here to support me.
  • I felt protective towards her.
  • Wiped your tears off and stood up for another fight
  • Friendship is a beautiful mess.

2019 Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • Love is when two people sit across the table, leaning in so much towards each other
  • No words of magic
  • Strong people were stubborn.
  • I did not sign a contract that I have to take all your calls and reply to all your texts, every time
  • English is not knowledge
  • We are becoming shallow, killing the depth human soul.
  • I don’t promise you the smiles
  • A part of my heart went numb.
  • You entice them into joining you for junk food binging,
  • I lie because even I don’t know what’s wrong with me


Shot and Best Whatsapp status in English for You

  • Look, I am not rude.
  • There was that awkward smell, but it all felt just too divine
  • It’s all building up inside me.
  • I mean no disrespect to you.
  • I just don’t feel like replying to your text.
  • We don’t feel people.
  • I am standing here with my head held high in self-respect.
  • You won’t say my name as you say it now.
  • Look up in the sky, and just wish that we were there, together.
  • Buy good clothes, but don’t let labels define you.

One line Best Whatsapp Status in English in 2019

  • You smiling like an idiot
  • I wanted to slap you with your ugly truth.
  • Tears can be beautiful
  • I lie because I know my truth, and that’s what matters, right?
  • Don’t you try to guilt trip me into being receptive to criticism.
  • We don’t sit and talk to each other anymore.
  • Please respect the space between us.
  • Laugh make fun if you are friend
  • I want to cry my lungs out.
  • We treasure the moments when we just take a deep breath


New Cool Short Whatsapp Status in English

  • Strong people gave up early.
  • No matter what we try to do
  • I knew your lies.
  • Good bye blood sucker
  • Everytime you said “trust me”
  • I am done chasing you.
  • I feel empty and as if I am drowning.
  • We have always loved hard.
  • Be yourself. Decide for yourself. Love yourself.
  • Let’s take a stand, for us


New 2019 One line Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • I wish that we could just sit together and say nothing,
  • So I just say “I am fine I lie because I want my peace.
  • I don’t like toxic.
  • We need to go back in time to find that deepness, again.
  • I am not your property.
  • Hold my hand and take a walk or wave me a final goodbye.
  • Our calls will be filled with silence and excuses
  • I feel better after venting it out.
  • I will win this battle, anyhow.
  • Take care of your skin, but don’t be

Latest Whatsapp Status for All in English

  • I felt she was my responsibility.
  • Hurt made you strong.
  • Make sure that their crush crushes, but you want them to find love.
  • I am done with this shit roll up this relationship joint, and put it wherever fit
  • I lie because truth offends people.
  • We never liked it easy.
  • Our hug would be more physical and less soul stirring
  • You own a part of my heart, but not my entire time and life.
  • I just need my peace and choice.
  • It’s all dim inside, the mind, the soul. Everything is just sad.


Good Latest and Best Whatsapp status in English

  • I am just blunt.
  • I felt that I really love her.
  • We just tag each other in posts.
  • I feel like collapsing into someone’s arms and cry my heart out.
  • Don’t ask me how to heal
  • I kept it all in to see your rot.
  • Please, love me, but don’t possess me.
  • Yes, I lie now.
  • I am not your toy.
  • I will fight it, all alone.

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