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Looking for best whatsapp status in english? We’ve got the all new latest and new collection of status.

  • When people forget every sweet little thing I did for them,
  • I like to stay in my happy little bubble with people who like me.
  • Don’t text me only when you find my whatsapp status interesting
  • I am waiting for a feature that never existed
  • You loser. I don’t mind having haters.
  • I view my own whatsapp status way more than I view anybody else’s.
  • You can’t love just one face
  • Bad will always sound too stupid.
  • My sister is posting ‘I’m bored’ on her whatsapp status.
  • The shit you talk about me, behind my back it’s not my character

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Best Whatsapp Status Ever 2019

  • How beautiful it is to have someone you can proudly talk about
  • .. These days I only go to whatsapp to view status
  • You will never feel perfect enough to love again.
  • I refuse to believe that the eyes need to be big to be gorgeous.
  • Do you parents know you blocked them from viewing your whatsapp status??
  • Just take a pause, step back, relax, and breathe.
  • I wish someone was there to just hug me and say: “hey, I am here with you.
  • I am a peace loving, zero fuck giving, and flawed human.
  • My mom finally discovered “whatsapp status” This can’t be good
  • You have my heart but my best friend have my soul
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Best Whatsapp Status in English

  • Still reading my status, then congratulations,
  • Viewing people’s status on whatsapp when your Data is low is a risk of your life
  • Just breathe in some life, lazy and slow.
  • May your parents allow you to sleep whole day.
  • One day I will get too weak, to even hug you tight
  • Me posting on my whatsapp status in 3…2…1
  • It amazes me how many like-minded idiots we have on planet earth.
  • The fear will stay, and so will the scars.
  • Is it only me who first looks for my crush’s status on whatsapp!!
  • I shared even those dark secrets that I hide from myself

All New and Latest Best Whatsapp Status for You

  • Bro i dint understand these girls
  • People who don’t post whatsapp status think they are mature
  • But I am just done getting hurt when people say things they don’t mean
  • I refuse to believe that beauty is perfect.
  • Your whatsapp status ain’t really a thing until your crush views it.
  • May your friends stop reacting on your pic.
  • Marry a girl who calls you baby
  • Don’t like me
  • Just realized my dad have been watching my whatsapp status.
  • I show that I don’t need anyone.
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Best Whatsapp Status Messages

  • I open whatsapp….See the messages… Just swipe and watch all the Status then right back to work..
  • Dreams do come true
  • Just need to live in the moments.
  • When people change as if it was all just a joke.
  • The way I’m so bad at replying, I have to be careful who’s whatsapp status
  • Distance doesn’t matter  stay loyal.
  • If you have any trace of shame in your fake jealous little bones, then unfriend me, right now.
  • Some girls will give you their number just to increase their number of whatsapp status viewer.
  • I told you how much power I am giving you over me.
  • Sleep more, take a long shower, listen to your music on repeat, and eat your favorite food.

All New and Best Whatsapp Status

  • Upload a status on whatsapp and restrict the viewers to just him, then on it, put “I miss someone and I wanna go out with him ”                           
  • Even the strongest soul needs someone to rescue it.
  • The haters who try to run me down with “advice” aren’t allowed any space in my life.
  • I regret giving certain people my number just because of their whatsapp status
  • Have you noticed that some people will only remember you exist on whatsapp through your status updates.
  • I respect them as they at least have the balls to stay my enemy.
  • Stop complaining about people’s lengthy/numerous whatsapp status. They have a right to post & you have a right to not view.
  • Even a smile is worth smiling.
  • You don’t owe your best even to yourself.
  • I don’t know why people steal tweets. I just copy and paste on my whatsapp status and now i’ll my contacts think I’m a comedic genius.


Best Status Update for Whatsapp

  • You know what hurts me sometimes?
  • Don’t be stupid. Accept, cry, heal, and live.
  • A whatsapp status that you can read without actually opening >>>>
  • I cried shamelessly over the phone,
  • Life isn’t just about the ultimate goal Sometimes,
  • Whenever a person updates whatsapp status saying they lost chats,they are just looking for attention or informing us that they bought a new phone.
  • I have checked on you if I check your whatsapp status. Simple!
  • I refuse to believe that the shape of nose defines your beauty,
  • Stop checking their online status on whatsapp, they wont text you
  • May you just find peace, love, and happiness.

Awesome and Best Whatsapp Status

  • I was just thinking how i used to look away
  • If it’s whatsapp or life people always see your Status …..
  • Keep your criticism, opinion, or advice in your jealous little pocket and fuck off.
  • My block list bigger then your friend list
  • You don’t have to update your whatsapp status EVERYDAY
  • I refuse to believe that the skin color defines your glitter,
  • You dont need to actually love an engineering
  • Idc how hard life getting im not putting “off” on my whatsapp status
  • People break my trust, every single time.
  • I dont have my best friend with me

Short Status for Whatsapp Staus

  • Just saw my tweet on someone’s Whatsapp status.
  • I even convince myself that it’s fine, all good and happy.
  • One day I will not be a body, just a soul and heart
  • Whatsapp status to u have 2,000 views? U actually saved 2,000 numbers?
  • I refuse to believethat the size of lips can make you smile best,
  • May your best friend give you a party.
  • It’s perfectly fine to be this lost and scared.
  • Shake your head with fake smile
  • One day I will heal,
  • I am a warrior with scars, not your pretty doll.

Cute and Best Whatsapp Status

  • Love of my life would just come and look at me.
  • You still left me as if it meant nothing. It hurts.
  • I refuse to believe that we are just bodies.
  • May your sibling gift you an iphone X
  • How cheap is he, asking: are you down?

  •  we start to not believe, every word told

  • Your girlfriend use to block me before posting your picture on her whatsapp status
  •  I will be the sun, for your smile

  •  I trusted your eyes.

  •  I am like: “What the hell? Let me just call.