Whatsapp Status Love in English

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All New Whatsapp Status Love In English I love you so much, more than anything, you make me so happy everyday we call you change me in so many ways You’re so cute and adorable, your smile is amazing , everything about you is amazing, your personality is too You make me smile when you always call me a cutie, even tho i don’t think i am, but it makes me happy when i hear it from you. I love you baby I love you so much ,from first thing…

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I Love You Status

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I Love You Status The universe conspired and then I found my soulmate. We were always meant to be, I love you, always and forever. You are all my life i want you too the mother of all my future kids i still love you like the first day…. I love you so much my wife. I love you because you  are the most important person I’ve ever encountered and I will be forever grateful that I have you. You are my best friend my everything and more. We go…

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miss you status

Best Miss You Status I miss you and can’t wait to see you soon I love you forever Yes honey I can’t stop thinking of you..u are the reasons to smile I still do say every think but still feel like we need to be closer I want u in my life again ….. coz i cant live without u …..every day every night missing u alot…. I miss how we were back in the beginning of the year. I’ll miss it very badly if your not there… I wish…

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True Love

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True Love Status For Whatsapp Show your true love status who you really love,show some respect,take care of your love dedicate status message to your loved once. I never stopped and I never stop and I will never stop loving you even if u make mistakes…no matter what u do…anything..but i can never and i will never stop loving u…. You’re heart is Devine like wine. Sweety I love you like a fat kid loves cake, baby you da best! U sure didn’t show it just the opposite I didn’t…

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Romantic Whatsapp Status

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Best Romantic Whatsapp Status The most beautiful relationship in the word is consider as love.Best way to express your love ,you feeling,your emotions with romantic whatsapp status messages.romantic whatsapp status for the people who fall in love and romantic in nature.This whatsapp status is for those people who want to describe their emotions and feeling with loving words. Read more… Since you came in my life everything have changed n thank u for being in my life I don’t know without u how ll I live you mean the world…

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