Good Status for Whatsapp

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Good Status For Whatsapp You Ever Seen

  • Eyes words promises, everything everyone lied
  • Allow me to celebrate your each bday, every year.
  • Is life just about muscles, and a flat tummy to show
  • I think i am a whatsapp status influencer
  • I wanted to marry this crazy, pure, and simple soul.
  • We have different shades of dull and dark
  • No matter how bitterly we fight on the field.
  • I no longer fear letting people check my whatsapp knowing i’ve muted their status.
  • I don’t do small talks,
  • I will be so awkward to go to on holiday without you
  • It’s about that hand that picks you up.
  • Needs to have more people on whatsapp just to view her status
  • Wow smiling pretty faces at the wedding night,
  • Hurt heart beating in pray
  • I don’t want an easy relationship.

Good Status

  • Can i wait or will i wait,
  • Every committed girl has two types of male friends:
  • You are a mistake that i want to repeat daily, for the rest of my life.
  • Can’t be only me that goes back to check who and who viewed my whatsapp status
  • Some people look beautiful in picture
  • I don’t want two friends living together, forever.
  • In this world, everything is just about show off
  • Please make sure you do not ‘forward’ a whatsapp message saying i love you babe,
  • Every cold heart was burnt in love flames.
  • I want two lovers burning in love, daily.
  • I am still that same soul,
  • Am i the only one who can literally figure out people’s lives by jus viewing their whatsapp status updates?
  • Sit pretty in my heart
  • Fitness is good, but why all this perfect body shape
  • She comes in many shades of emotions.

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Best Whatsapp Status

A Good Status for Whatsapp

  • I want my lover to be obsessed with my voice, my talks.
  • It just melts from my ears in to my hearts
  • Are you sure i am the right one?
  • Your whatsapp status remains just a status until the person you want to view it actually did
  • No relative, no society will suffer your pain.
  • Every commitment phobic was lied to.
  • I don’t let too many people,
  • Today i’m watching every whatsapp status and ig story
  • I am breathing
  • Tea is the glue that holds us together.
  • We made new memories, reliving the old ones.
  • I wish we could put voice notes as our whatsapp status.
  • He just keeps staring at me.
  • She smiles like a moon
  • I will be fine, luck won’t stay the same


Some Good Status for Whatsapp

  • May god stay blind to you, and may karma lose its knife
  • I don’t like games they play
  • Mom you taught us how to love our country.
  • The amount of views l get on my whatsapp status clips, honestly my contacts have to pay monthly subscription
  • I clicked a sweet selfie on her bday.
  • I want someone to fear my loss.
  • My soft heart that they fooled, have long died
  • Scrolling whatsapp status updates knowing i won’t touch any of them
  • Sometimes, not enough moments in a lifetime
  • I want jealousy.
  • Marriage is a scary place.
  • My career will end the day it starts reporting who took screenshots of whatsapp status…
  • You got to be man enough to weather
  • I still have the heart to beat for people.
  • I know you don’t even remember, when you got caught



Very Good Status for Whatsapp

  • But dude, you are not even married.
  • One best friend is enough for a lifetime.
  • Person leaves me with yet another scar,
  • Opening someone’s whatsapp status update by mistake
  • Can we leave little love to make,
  • You know anything good or bad
  • A woman isn’t just a homemaker. She is home.
  • Imagine you post a picture on whatsapp status and nobody views it ………’s heartbreaking
  • One day i will go, too far from
  • My face buried in the pillow, lights off in my room
  • I am so much in love with your voice
  • The photos i take only qualify to be on my whatsapp status.
  • Just sulk any say a silent prayer
  • I wanted to love desperately.
  • All my scars and lessons,


New Good Status for Whatsapp

  • Lying to all the poor souls, using bodies to relax
  • Don’t just write sup, and expect me to reveal
  • Nobody loves like me
  • I turned my whatsapp status into a shitposting site again
  • I know i sound desperate,
  • All the things that go right in your life are because of luck,
  • Dead soul melting on bed,
  • You are checking my status and you cannot say hi”…
  • My dad sneaks in my room and just watches me sleep.
  • I want her really quick
  • So just stand up and leave the moment you feel
  • I just dropped his name on my whatsapp status!perfect timing!
  • I will stay the same, forever.
  • Sometimes, the gang, the squad, or the group is just one person.
  • We can have tea together, anytime, anywhere, always.


Good Status for Whatsapp in English

  • Can we talk under the fresh stars,
  • We have lost our culture,
  • I think, for the first time, that you wanted to marry me?
  • Can we protect our whatsapp status from taking screenshot ?
  • She can be your smiling sweet angel,
  • my pillow soaks all my rain
  • There will be only smiles, no fear no stress
  • Whatsapp status is for the people who use facebook
  • You are a mistake,
  • She was a storm waiting to erupt any moment,
  • Read my whole book, not a chapter not a line
  • It’s funny how people go from talking everytime on whatsapp to just viewing each other whatsapp status only.
  • We all are born the same heart.
  • That childlike pride in your eyes and that pure joy on your lips convinced me
  • As the moon blooms bright, we lie in arms on the beach


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