I Love You Status

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I Love You Status

  • The universe conspired and then I found my soulmate. We were always meant to be, I love you, always and forever.
  • You are all my life i want you too the mother of all my future kids i still love you like the first day…. I love you so much my wife.
  • I love you because you  are the most important person I’ve ever encountered and I will be forever grateful that I have you.
  • You are my best friend my everything and more. We go through so much but no matter what I know we’ll make it i love you….
  • I love u.. U are the air I breath u are the reason makes me smile laugh.. And brings the real to the realist… I love u.
  • I will be forever grateful because of you. I love you so much.Thank you for coming into my life.
  • I’m so deeply in love with you, it consumes.
  • There is nothing better in my life than meeting you.i love you
  •  I think it was fate that we met and I really appreciate that it was you that I fell in love with.
  • You’ve changed my world around me and myself too.
  • You’re making me happy everyday and that’s obviously something you are really good.

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Love Status

 i love you sayings

    • Yet I know we’ll really meet because we are fated 🙂 we will overcome these challenges and become happy till we die. I love you so much babe.
    • I m so grateful, feel so lucky, and ready to do anything and everything in my power to stay this happy! I want the future with you and if i
    • Could i would prove it by constructing the worlds biggest ladder so i could climb up to the stars and write you a little message with a  love.
    • Thank God for merging our two souls together! I will love you till the end of the time baby.
    • You will always be my number one priority in my life,I love you..
    • And my first thought when I wake up and last thought when I go to sleep. I cannot describe how much I’m in love with you it is simply  indescribable.
    • Both went through so much in life culminating in meeting someone we can love with all our hearts. I love you so much!
    • One of my favorite people in this universe.thts you dear love you so much!
    • Ty for coming into my life and making me so happy .I love you with all my heart and soul and miss you by every heartbeat.
    • I am so much looking forward to the day you will come to see me.You are my everything…my wonderful fiancé.

i love you forever status

    • Thank you for being in my life, you are the best I could ever ask for, I may not be your first everything
    • I want to be there for you every part of the way of life, you complete me as I complete you, being there for you makes me feel special,
    • I just can’t describe how much I love you, you’re my everything.
    • This is so you my love. I don’t know what more I can say that I haven’t said to you but repeat myself . . I love you so much
    • Explain to make you know how much I do. I’m so thankful that god brought you back to my life and we have overcome challenges. . thank you for all.
    • That you do for me for us. . you are my universe and galaxy ,I just absolutely adore you my love. So once I again I say thank you baby and i love.
    • You always and forever to the moon and beyond. . .
    • I love you, my tiny baby girl
    • Yes they helped us to find each other. Those experiences from the past. If we missed one thing, our meeting would be missed or for the latter love you all
    • I love you so much. Even when it seems like everyday stress pushes us apart, we both know we need each other and can’t live without one another.
    • You went thru so much heartache…had wonderful babies…but I do believe we went thru all we did and God brought me to you when you needed me most…
    • We saved each other. Just at the right moment in time did are paths cross again…before I don’t think we would of been ready or appreciate what we had. We r blessed.

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love u status

    • We are always talking about how many things had to go wrong in order for us to meet and feel so right…. I love you.
    • You came and became the meaning to my world, all I want is to make you happy. God gave me you and I know that it all has a purpose.love you…..
    • Had to baby cuz it’s true.. I went thru a lot to become the person I am and be a perfect match for you my King!
    • I sit here across from you, thinking how beautiful you are, then I realize how much more there is to you and lucky I am that our perfect journey has aligned us together at this moment in time…. as there is no place I’d rather be then where we are… together.
    • your the best thing that ever happend to me.. You always make my day better when i see you smile and laugh .. I like the way ive make you blush love you miss u.
    • I m glad that we meet. your the beautiful est Queen im happy your all mine and im all yours.
    • A conspiracy of the whole universe. Something that I didn’t see coming. But it’s the best thing that happened to me
    • It was fate meeting you and I will love you foreverlier and a day. Sending all my love to you in heaven

Love Status Messages

    • I am lucky to have u in my life, thanks to god that i have a beautiful girl who gives her best in every thing. Love u my lifeline
    • I am sorry i was so scared to show how much I really loved you . I was afraid you would not believe me.
    • I was showing I loved you. please forgive me.
    • Like the song said, I’ve wasted half my life, but I found it all in you. We wouldn’t have what and who we do now if life didn’t make sure we took a slightly longer path to find each other.
    • The universe knew it before I did.. weird but true, I’m just so grateful that life is the way it is, I love you
    • U  always make my day better and complete.. I love you with all of my heart baby
    • I love you because I love you they was no word to describe my love for you…..
    • It was meant to be . I am so glad i met you, and i will be yours forever, in good and in bad days. I love you very very much.
    • It happened like a dream…. After all the waiting…. Felt like giving up but patient gave you to me…. I love you
    • I am truly happy when I’m with you and I’m so grateful to God that we met. You mean the world to me, I love you forever
    • I will be forever grateful that i have u I m so deeply in love with u
    •  There is nothing better in my life than meeting u really one of my Favorite person in this universe u r the best thing that ever happened to me
    • And will do everything in my power to keep it that way because against all odds of crap that’s threw our way I won’t let it get between us.


Best Love Status Ever

    • My Lover, my wing. This is exactly what happened with us. Me finding you was meant to be..
    • That is very true but even though we are far from each other we are really close because we have each other in our hearts
    • I love dear You make me a better person and make me want to be better for you. I want to be with you the rest of my life.
    • Now if this isn’t our story!! I still can’t believe the luck of running into you when I did I love you sooo so much!!
    • You were right about every thing…. i tryed to move on and just tryed to forget u 🙁 cant do it for the life of me
    • So when I m not there you could always look up and blush
    • Its hard to trust babe but believe me Ur not just my universe yet everything I love you babe
    • I’ve always known from that day so many years ago that we were meant to be together and Now we will be,
    • I fall sooo happy to be with you baby you make my days happy s your my dream come true princess
    • How lucky I am having you Hon Robbie, the day that I found you and became part of my daily routine.

Luv Status

    • I love you, because you are the lover of my soul!!!!
    • Every single step I took was like universe is forcing me to do it…..and now I know what was it I was going for……
    • It was you and now I am thnakful to all that’s good or bad that happened to me which led me into meeting you
    • This almost made me cry love you dear…
    • It could not have been said more perfectly
    • I am so very blessed that the universe brought us together!! I love you to the moon and back!
    • I will never ever let you go now that you’re mine,  I love you the mostest!
    • Aww baby it actually did we are made for each other
    • The law of attraction and manifest destiny.
    • Things happen for a reason… you are a true blessing for me. I love you.
    • Baby this universe wanted me to be with you.Love you so much

short love status

  • I love you baby. You’re so amazing and I can’t picture my life without you
  • Me staying the extra hours at work and you being on the phone at the same time
  • Amongst  the fifteen billion other reasons. I love you princes!
  • ….True. Everything happens for a reason. Right place, right time
  • I m glad because i found you,I love you
  • I love you to infinity and beyond!!!
  • All the shit we been through we found each other
  • just the truth we are meant for each other. love you.
  • Baby I m so dam happy to have you in my life ill never fuck up what we got
  • Then stop hiding and let me in, my love..
  • I love you too. It must have been meant to be. Our destiny. You make me smile. I have been waiting for you.
  • Nothing in life is a coincidence. It was meant for us to be. I love you baby!
  • My Hearts beats only for you.i want in my lyf .. today nd forever love you
  • Over 6 billion people and I found you how lucky I am love you forever
  • You picked me up when I was down and you gave me hope when I gave up you are my heart and my soul and I’ll love you forever more
  • I love u…… becoz my entire universe is u only…

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