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Best Romantic Whatsapp Status

The most beautiful relationship in the word is consider as love.Best way to express your love ,you feeling,your emotions with romantic whatsapp status messages.romantic whatsapp status for the people who fall in love and romantic in nature.This whatsapp status is for those people who want to describe their emotions and feeling with loving words.

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  • Since you came in my life everything have changed n thank u for being in my life
  • I don’t know without u how ll I live you mean the world to me….Iloveu sooo much
  • Your a sweet caring person. I have never knew a person like you before.
  • You make me happy. I can’t help the way I feel. I have falling in love with you.
  • I always Will feel that way about you. Really love you dear
  • We have been through so much together  that it would take two strong people in Love to go through what we have been through. I Love You
  • I never knew you would be the girl I’m madly in love with,
  • The girl I want to make my wife and the only girl I want to be with until death is you
  • I remember when I first saw you I would have never realized how special you would be to me.
  • You always make my days brighter. Thanks for coming into my life love.
  • I’m so happy to have you. Love you so much
  • I can’t wait for our future… Time to show you.. Why I am be the last one to be with.. Until you leave this life cycle..
  • And I find you in the next one.. And we travel the stars together.. I love you..
  • I had a damn good idea how special you are in my life
  • It’s always been you and always will. Just wish I could go back in time so we could of met earlier in our lives so we could have more time.
  • I love you with every ounce of my being you and our family are my world.
  • I had no idea how much of an impact you and your son would have on me.
  • I shouldn’t have come over there when you’ve told me multiple times not to, but I thought telling you how I felt in person would be cute and romantic…
  • I’m sorry for coming there and hope you’ll forgive me and not let this ruin us completely…..
  • Because you know I feel terrible and want to fix it and hope you will stay and not go.
  • Please don’t give up on us, just because I made the little mistake of coming there when you’ve told me not to before.
  • I thought with my heart and love and not with my brain, because if I did, I wouldn’t have come there……. just please forgive me and don’t give up  on us
  • It didn’t take long for me to realize just how important to me you would become.
  • I didn’t think the day would come where you would be my fiancé it’s the best thing I ever done much love can’t wait to see what the future brings
  • I know there were a lot of spots in the school where we saw each other.
  • who would have known that the person I was talking to at that time would mean so much to me.
  • Well as for today and the days to come. Everyday is always a draft for the “Story of Us”.
  • i met you when i needed you the most. I didnt know i needed you until you came into my life. I love you and life can never be the same without you.
  • Having you in my life is one of the best thing
  • I didn’t think you would notice or look at me. I am sure glad we meet
  • Thank you for being a wonderful friend, and always being there when I need to vent!! Love you!!
  • I didn’t knew that you would be the guy I’ll be crazy in love
  • I am happy tht you are being in my life,Love u always
  • I can’t even begin to tell you how very IMPORTANT you are to me my life has changed so much for the Better since you and I started this journey
  • I instantly fell in love with you when our eyes met but I didn’t know how far I have fallen
  • I would keep falling and that you would become the most important person in my life I am madly in love with you Dear
  • Now and forever you are my world.. Thank you for that you come in to my life. My life really changed i’m so happy
  • I always remember that day when we met first time that day is very special for me
  • I can’t forget that day..thnx for coming in my u baby
  • You have made my life complete. I knew from the first day I met you that I wanted you to me mine forever and now that dream has came true. I love you soooo very much babes
  • I really didn’t know that the day I met you would be the best day in my life because I got to meet you baby
  • When we first met i dont even realize that you would be so important to me.
  • You made my day’s and night’s brighter like the sun,moon and stars shining in the heaven’s.
  • Thank you for your love and care that you given to me and for being part of my life. I love you so much
  • I actually knew u would be my soulmate, love of my life,since the first day,thank u for being a perfect husband
  • I never expected that u will be this much important to me your the only person in the whole world with whom I can share anything
  • I didn’t even think before to say love you soo muchh babyy
  • yeah we were just really close friends who would always go to the corner store together
  • you’re really my life when we’re apart I don’t feel complete but when we together I feel unstoppable I love you so much
  • yea baby I don’t know without u how I will mean the world to me say love u infinity
  • From the day we met to now “True love reveals itself from the heart” and i couldnt be happier with anyone
  • Sweetheart thanks for comming into my life.U’ve always been wonderful and special to me right from the very beginning.
  • I never thought even as friends you would be this important to me as you are.
  • No matter what happens you’ll always be important to me
  • I m totally attached with u …I don’t want to see u with someone who might beat u , who will make u cry
  • I never even thought you would give me a chance way back then. But I’m so glad you did. I never want to lose you
  • even tho we have only been together fore a little under a month if seen what a person can mean to me I love you
  • I did not either at the time. Too many ? took my mind off of it being more. Then one day. It all came together.
  • A good relationship requires time. It requires effort. You have to work at it. You have to cultivate it. You have to forgive and forget.
  • You have to be absolutely loyal one to another.
  • I hope to find a good-hearted and serious relationship accept true love
  • when I first meet u ,I really don’t ever think that u are that person whom I m searching for me who truly loves me.
  • I don’t know when u become my true lover
  • The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor even touched, but just felt in the heart.
  • yes baby You’re the most important person in my life baby girl and i love you so so much
  • mistakes i’ve made and i clear them up too.. i opened up my eyes and i really am in love with you
  • I am so grateful that you meet all those years ago. I am so grateful too, that it is today, instead of back then. We’ve come such a long way!!!!
  • When i first met him. I dont thought he important with me. But now we really think us together.
  • Even though you didn’t do your hair on our first date I have grown to Love you!
  • Scary how much we’ve done together and much more to do love you so much
  • You are my second half and i am so happy you came into my life
  • Now life together is so much brighter , I love you!
  • Not the first DAY…BUT….I realized not too long after and more and more each day
  • You had no idea that your smile was going to change my life honey.
  • You have make me a better men then i ever was . And i love you more for that !!! Always yours
  • Every day i m thank full to see your lovely face pop up on my screen
  • The most unexpected relationships are always the best ones
  • I wake up thinking about you every time i fall asleep
  • I dream about you the love i have for you is deeper then the sea every time i hear your voice
  • My heart just starts beating fast every time you tell me you love me
  • A smile forms on my face and on my heart what I’m trying to say is that love you
  • I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with you and i know I’m not perfect but i promise to love you,
  • Honor you,and cherish the love we share amongst one another and you will always and forever be my one and only true love…
  • I love you so much and nobody ever gonna change that
  • You are probably one of the truest things I’ve seen in a while
  • Regardless of whatever happens. You’ll always means the world to me. Don’t forget that.
  • It you would be the best I ever had but now your like oxygen I can’t and want live without u
  • You are my everything dear but most important is that you are my future
  • Except I knew just by looking you was my forever man miss u
  • Wonder what it would look like finding my soul mate one day it would be the best day of my life
  • This is so true Honey !! Started with friendship and ended being Lovers !! Glad u came in my life.. I Love You
  • Neither one of us had a clue. I’m glad fate made sure we found each other
  • It’s been hard. I miss talking to you and seeing how your day went . I miss the closeness.
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