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Best Whatsapp Status Attitude

  • I don’t have an attitude, i have standards
  • I am a wonderful person.
  • I wish i wasn’t that stupid, that emotional.
  • I promise that your regret tears will fill an ocean soon.
  • My attitude, my dreams and my plans – all of me.
  • I don’t want to be a part of this fake ego boosting competition,
  • I look at the mirror, and i know how i look in real.
  • My attitude so non challenging
  • People don’t remember what they promised.
  • Dogs remember, everything.
  • Attitude determines your altitude.
  • Don’t pose. Just click the pic and send it to him without any filters.
  • If you wake me up from my nap, expect attitude
  • Don’t promise me forever, just prove me wrong
  • In a society everything is judged wrong

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Latest Attitude Status in English

  • My attitude really terrible
  • No heartbreaks please, i am sick of the past
  • I see your name in my contact list,
  • We all have our bad days,
  • Ou weren’t kidding about your attitude
  • Wtf is that ‘i wanna work with one person only’ attitude..
  • These day unknown people on social media?
  • She is just opposite of me.
  • Looks will fade, attitude won’t.
  • It hurts, you know, literally, in eyes, in heart, and in my soul,
  • A positive attitude gets you places
  • We need to be cool
  • If i love again, then i want it to last
  • We lose that real smile, as we grow old
  • Your attitude and behaviour was pathetic

Attitude Status for Boys and Girl

  • My attitude of being ready to work even in the face of challenges
  • You tell me i am just one of them, chasing you in a race
  • Daily my brain says now quit,
  • I never say anyone is ugly unless they’ve got an ugly attitude.
  • I am one lucky soul to have my best friend.
  • I trusted my heart.
  • My attitude be so bad sometimes .. I just have to eat to calm myself down
  • There was no chance for a love story.
  • I wanna see for life waking up next to you,
  • I hate getting upset bc my attitude
  • Attitude over looks
  • You are thrusting an innocent new born into bad cynical world let the kid play.
  • How much hurt i feel in my soul
  • Adjust your own attitude and actions
  • I am doing charity by being your best friend

Best Attitude Whatsapp Status

  • Go away. I am heartbroken.
  • Be super efficient and have a positive attitude
  • If your words mean nothing, you lose my trust
  • People don’t even remember how close you were, till last night
  • I feel so helpless
  • There are some who are pretty cool and have successful marriages, it all comes down to attitude.
  • . A name which i can’t just call now,a person still so close, but a stranger now.
  • I have scars, pimples, bad skin, and name anything imperfect and i have it
  • Spice up whatever you do with a little bit of hope and positive attitude, then see what happens
  • Sometimes the whatsapp status of the people give me feel like i am watching chitrahaar.
  • Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life.
  • Only my heart is to blame, for loving you so deep
  • I find it so disappointing when a beautiful ass girl has a disgusting attitude, like damn really?
  • I know not a perfect match,
  • You’re gorgeous for what?

Best Attitude Status in English

  • Looks will fade, attitude won’t.
  • When i get really hurt, i just walk away
  • I have run after people, their affection, their attention, their time, and their love.
  • She is just opposite of me.
  • A nation progresses with the attitude of its people
  • I have accepted that my nose isn’t perfectly shaped.
  • When the car races up crazy, we all start to pray we slap driver,
  • When bday gifts were lunch box, or a barbie doll
  • A dark that scares you down
  • Lose the attitude or leave me
  • I will love you with all my heart, from core of my soul
  • When everything goes wrong and i don’t want to pick any calls or answer any texts.
  • Marriage is almost just about two people alone,
  • He was a commitment phobic.
  • His attitude + swag – pakka mass

Cool Attitude Status for Whatsapp

  • I need a closure or hug, right now”
  • My smiling face has hidden,
  • Attitude on some f**k you too
  • How to know that he is the one?
  • I trusted your lies,
  • Love is when you decide to never speak to them again
  • I think there is a huge difference of attitude from people who have been a tractive their whole life and people who became attractive later in life.
  • I want a goofy girl w some attitude
  • People say the attitude era is overrated.
  • Need me a man who can put up with my attitude
  • I’ll give you the same attitude you give me
  • My “i’ll get paid again” attitude is really outta control
  • I am good at heart.
  • It’s perfect that she is opposite of me because i have spoiled you.
  • I gotta little more growing up too do because i still got childish ways and my attitude sucks
  • Short and blunt like my attitude
  • Get married once, and you will be scarred for life.
  • Love and tears don’t matter, respect is a must
  • Not every male female pair hanging out together is a couple
  • Come here. I need a hug.
  • My attitude does not change for nobody, i don’t kiss a**
  • Working on my attitude. I no longer want to allow the actions of others to alter my mood.


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