Whatsapp Status in English

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Best Whatsapp Status in English

Get best collection of whatsapp status in english,we share a best states for you.we proved you all unique and latest  whatsapp status ,hope you like our status messages.

  • Let’s just stop planning career, money, marriage, babies, and retirement fund.
  • Stop getting just busy and start living
  • We give up on people in hurt silence and deep breaths.
  • I still remember how the emotions were used as weapons and shields.
  • Every word drills deep into your soul and scars that once beautiful relationship.
  • I still miss the old me, all happy carefree now I am just a boat
  • I am at that stage in my life where if I had a big fight in my relationship
  • Let’s just pretend that we all gonna die soon.
  • We don’t give up on people in arguments and screams.
  • I still remember the nights when we kept talking one good night after another,
  • Nothing tears your heart apart more than suffering in solitute, as you cry inside, dry and dead.
  • I still remember how the silence used to kill our emotions when we were about to accept our love.

New Whatsapp Status in English

  • Let’s just put ice in the glass, pour a fine drink, push up the volume of speakers, and dance the nights away.
  • I still remember that night when you finally accepted what I always knew.
  • Life is too fucked up a beast to tame with planning and brains.
  • I am upset why I can’t eat more food and lose more fat.
  • A  little part of real me, was lost in the past my innocence and purity, didn’t really last
  • Everyone left me, with their good-bye scar but I am still shining
  • It’s like I have time traveled from an old golden era into this sick crazy soulless new world.

  • long distance friendship make you realize how priceless those moments were

Whatsapp Status in English One line

  • I am not moving in any direction.
  • One day I will find my joy, I will live my dream till then I will fight hard
  • I dont know why i am tagging you hear
  • I am just walking, aimlessly.
  • I Loook like a shit today
  • Life is about a finding a love
  • I don’t want their gold.
  • I am just a sea, calm, happy, but wild inside.
  • People dont realize how special every simple thing and gesture
  • I am not in any race.
  • I still remember those tears of joy in my eyes.
  • Crushes are the sweetest poision ever
  • I am a soul in search of happiness, peace, and magic.
  • Every friendship has a limit, a dignity,
  • Just take each insult on the chin and give it back harder.
  • No filter can make you as beautiful as kindness filter
  • There are too many bodies out there to conquer success.
  • I don’t belong here.

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