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All New Whatsapp Status Love In English

  • I love you so much, more than anything, you make me so happy everyday we call you change me in so many ways
  • You’re so cute and adorable, your smile is amazing , everything about you is amazing, your personality is too
  • You make me smile when you always call me a cutie, even tho i don’t think i am, but it makes me happy when i hear it from you. I love you baby
  • I love you so much ,from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and when i close my eyes baby , you are part of it and i want you to be part of it forever
  • You are the motivation that keeps me going. I can’t imagine my future without you . Be mine forever
  • This is honestly the most truthful thing, there truly isn’t anyone better i’d rather spend my days with. You are my million dollar prize and i couldn’t be any more happier and imagine being anything else. I love you to the moon and back!
  • U are the only person that makes me happy and i would do anything for you all you have to do is ask me
  • My dearest love i remember the first day we meet , i instantly fell in love with your smile. Your warmth and kindness made me always want to be around you.
  • You came closer , you drew me closer to god and my faith helped me pick up the pieces. Thats when i knew i wanted to be with you and have no one else but you by my side
  • Only you can make me smile, make me so happy, to want to rise in the morning, to dream at night, to fight for a future worth living, to make our family whole. I love you
Best Love Status

Best Whatsapp Status Love in English

  • You are the only one, the moon of my life, my princess and my queen, you are my only choice
  • I love you so much baby. I swear you make me so happy. You put color in my world.
  • My baby girl, my love, my queen, my only one , my world, my universe, there is no one else in this world that makes me smile the way you do. Love you so much….
  • I’m sorry if i seen like i’ve been a bit distant lately but i promise i’m not ,love you dear
  • If something bothers me i will tell you baby. I understand now you just want honesty.love you dear
  • I love you baby and i promise to prove it to you. It’s a process. But it’s nothing me and you can’t handle ! I love you baby. Forever and ever and ever and ever.
  • You make me the happiest person ever. You make me wanna do good and push me to do even better. I can’t wait till everything completely falls into place. Forever and eternity
  • You tuaght me happiness in a way i’ve never felt before, holding you in my arms is the only comfort i desire and want. I love you so much my love
  • I love you so much dear, your the only one i ever want to be with, your a blessing in disguise i thank god for this  beautiful creation , have a great day baby! Love u
  • You’re the only one who brings the best out of me makes me smile and laugh be myself and enjoy my company loves me for me and will do whatever i ask i love you

Love Status in English for Whatsapp

  • I love you soooooooo much! You have brought me so much love and joy and i’m so glad your my girl. Even when i’m having a bad day or not feeling well, you always make me smile. I love you
  • No one makes me half as happy as my beautiful girlfriend .. I love you soo much babe i can’t wait to be able to see you this weekend i just wanna hold you tight an never let go just cuddle all day lol…. I love you babeeeeeeeee
  • You’re beautiful in every way to me. If you don’t believe you’re beautiful, then leave that job to me because i always will. So many more years are coming our way, and hardships too, but i’ll always be there for you, for whatever you need. I love you always and forever
  • I love you until i go to bed at night starting from the morning fluoride toothpaste. When i was lost in the sleeping country, i still remain submerged in your love. Baby, love you so much my every day is the night shadow with me.
  • You are the best thing which has ever happened to me and will ever happen thank you for everything you’ve done for me and making me beyond happy, i love you
  • You prove me wrong in the best ways and even tho i say i’m still right half of the time, i smile and know you are never really a sad moment with you and love you!
  • Baby i love you with every inch of my heart. I have fallen head over heals in love with you each and every day that we have been together and even so before we was together im glad you let me be apart of your life.
  • I love you more than anything baby you’re the best girlfriend ever you make me so happy every day i couldn’t live without you baby i love you so much
  • I know your reading these, i want you to know that i’m ready for it i want to make us work if there is anything left i know you will give me that chance .
  • I can be selfish sometimes but i love you and i always will forever and always cause no one makes me happy like you do

Cute Love Whatsapp Status

  • You are my everything i will always love you and appreciate everything you do for me. I hope we grow old together and see they world
  • I love you best part about getting off is coming home to you …. Your my wife my queen love you to death an after death our souls will be together forever
  • I asked you to be mine and you said yes. What you’ve done for me i could never repay , i love you my baby from the bottom of my heart , soul and of my very being. I love you heres to our wonderful future together.
  • No matter what you decide i mean this with every last drop of my heart you are and will always be the only one i ler you down and disappointed you but i will spend the rest of our lives together making up for it. I love you
  • You me the absolute world to me and i wouldn’t change what we have got for the world i love you so much and i’m staying with you forever
  • Thanks for making me so happy & loving me for me i can’t wait to see what the future holds for us you mean the absolute world to me and so much more i never been this in love before or felt this feeling i do
  • I love you so much baby you mean everything to me no one else i would want to spend my life with but you.you are my everything baby so glad i have you in my life!!
  • You’re my all. Forever grateful for the happiness that you have brought to my life.
  • Your my everything baby all i ever talked to you about was our future your the one i want to be with your so perfect to me nobody makes me happy like you do

Latest and Best Whatsapp Status Love in English

  • I never felt the way i do when i’m around you all the good memories we’ve had i want too make so many more with you i love you so much
  • My love is for you so strong and healthy. In this life my love ill never give up on you. I’ll never leave you in suffer. Baby you mean the world to me every day. But i hope and pray, that you get peace. My love i love you soo much baby. Keep smiling and keep the good times rolling baby
  • This is honestly the most truthful thng i ever want to be with u there is no one else in this world that makes me jealous the way u do everyday we spend together just get better and better u r the reason y i am still alive
  • You make me fell different then every guy that i’ve dated before we have a lot in common your special to me baby i love you babe so much
  • My future wife ,,, you have made me so happy bbes, i maybe ain’t got much or have alot of family and friends but with you and our baby im  complete
  • I love you. I can’t wait for what the future holds 4 us. I’m tagging you in all kinds of stuff but i hope you love it.
  • It’s amazing how two people can search for years before before they come across the right one by talking about donuts i love you
  • I love u so much you change me so many ways.. There’s no one i’d rather be with…. No one can makes me smile more than you i love u so much
  • I luv u so much, even i can’t imagine my lyf without uh, u r the only one i ever want 2 be with
  • I love you so much baby girl and i’d tell the world to prove it, i plan on telling you for the rest of our lives.

Cute Love Whatsapp Status

  • This is the way i feel about you i love you so so much your my heart my soul my everything
  • You got no idea how happy i am when we talk. Thank you so much babe. Hope to see you soonest. I love you!
  • I love you so much… I know it’s still early days but i can tell we will have a bright and prosperous future together!
  • Thank you babe i love you so much and you are and always will be my only choice and you make me feel so happy that when i go to sleep i can’t wait to wake up to see you again
  • I really love you and hope to make the best of us and do everything with you you are the love of my life and that’s never gonna change your the greatest thing that’s ever happen to me .
  • This is true, i have never ever felt the same way with someone the way i have had with you, honestly we may not be together or anything but we are close and i just wanted to say i love you
  • Everytime you are away all i wait for is just the time i cant talk to you hearing your wonderful voice again babe..you are my everything and my better half that can fill my life up baby..
  • I love you more than anything par you’re the best boyfriend ever you make me so happy every day i couldn’t live without you par i love you so much! :

Short Love Status in English

  • Nothing or no-one could ever make me as happy as you do.
  • Your the only one who puts a real smile on my face.. Every single time
  • I love you…there’s no one i’d rather be with, no one i’d rather wake next to…no one that makes me smile more than you
  • 4 billion women on this planet and all i want is you.
  • Baby u do cuz u are my lady and i am happy i got u
  • You always make me feel and feel special you are the best and i love you
  • You’re my only choice because no else love me like you do
  • You are my soulmate and my best friend, i love you with all my heart
  • You are and will always be my one special someone

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